At First Choice Home Loans Qld, we really listen

With over 30 years’ experience in the finance and real estate industry, we have access to over 20 lenders giving
you more choice of loan products to suit your lifestyle needs.

Our referral fee is paid by the lender from their own profit so there’s no upfront or hidden costs for you to worry about. 
Our services are at no additional charge to you!

First Choice Home Loans Qld will source multiple options so you can choose the most suitable loan for you.
  It’s unlikely you will buy the first house you look at so why accept the first loan you are offered?


We at First Choice Home Loans always recommend applying for pre-approval. 

Arranging pre-approval means house hunting with confidence and knowing your maximum purchase price. 

There is a timeframe on pre-approvals and it doesn’t mean the bank will accept your dream home as security either.  Different financial institutions offer different types of pre-approvals. 

First Home Buyers

Ready to buy your first home?  First Choice Home Loans Qld wants you to be able to enjoy the experience and not get bogged down by all the red tape and paperwork. 

We have access to over 20 lenders and we’ll happily take that journey with you and compare loans that are suited to your current lifestyle needs. 

Let us take the stress out of applying for a home loan so you can focus on finding that perfect home. 


Life doesn’t stand still and neither should your mortgage.

If your loan no longer suits your situation or lifestyle, don’t waste thousands of dollars paying unnecessary interest and fees.

The lending market is becoming more competitive so refinancing your home loan can be a smart way to help cut the cost of your mortgage and we’ll be here to help you through every step of the way. 

We’ll negotiate the new terms so you don’t have to.

Investment Loans

Property investment can be a powerful wealth creation tool. 

If you’re looking to grow (or even just start) your property portfolio, it’s important to find a loan that meets your investment strategy, whether you pick up a property short term and flip it or in for the long haul and rent it out. 

First Choice Home Loans Qld have the experience you’re looking for to help you to your goals.

Contact us today to continue (or start) your property journey.

Equity Loans

Equity is the difference between the value of your property and the amount you still owe on your home loan.

The more you pay off your mortgage or your home has increased in value, the more equity you’ll accrue. 

In some instances, you can tap in to the built up value in your home and use it to potentially improve your lifestyle. 

If a lender is confident you can meet the new loan repayments, First Choice Home Loans can help you refinance. 

That new car, those renovations, your next investment property or long awaited holiday may only be a phone call away.

Home Loan Health Check

First Choice Home Loans recommends a home loan health check every couple of years. 

The circumstances of our lives can change so quickly and it’s important for our mortgages to meet our changing needs too.

A simple review from your home loan specialist could help you unlock a variety of benefits including lower interest rates, accessing equity or consolidating debt.

Don’t give your hard earned money to your lender – take advantage of our free Home Loan Health Check service today.